Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lebron Toy

In 2007 Nike ran an ad campaign for LeBron James known as "The LeBrons", they were a slam dunk success (see what I did there?).  The LeBrons were 4 characters which epitomized at least one section of LeBron's persona.  There was "Wise LeBron" - the old sage, "Business LeBron" - the slick business/ladies man, "Athelete LeBron" - the basketball player, and "Kid LeBron" - the youthful playful LeBron.  There were commercials, shoes, and toys made by Upper Deck.  Being a huge fan of LeBron James, I of course own the shoes in Red/Black & White/Gold colorways, as well as all of the Upper Deck Toys.  Looking at them sit atop my desk just inspired me to do something with them every day, till I did!

This is the 3D representation of the Athelete LeBron, I built him almost entirely in Zbrush 3, with a little work in 3D Studio Max.  Final composition in Photoshop CS3.  I had fun learning the tools in Zbrush and thought it was very cool to work on this project.  In the future, I might model the rest of the "LeBrons family", or match him up against the "Realistic LeBron" model... time will tell. Hope you like it.